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Horse Studies and Portraits

These pictures are done from my love of horses and portray a number of captured moments of reflection which are peaceful and as evocative as a horse going full tilt down a polo ground

Light Study Pen and Ink, A3, £200 Unframed, SOLD
Looking for the Action Pen and Ink and Pastel. A3, £150 Unframed
Light Study 2 Pastel, A1, £400 Framed, SOLD
Mare and Foal Pen and Ink and Pastel, A3, £300 Framed NOW £200
Polo Pony Study Pen and Ink, A1
Captured Attention Pen and Ink, A3 £150 Unframed
Argentine Ponies Pen and Ink, A3 £150 Unframed
Head Study Pen and Ink A3, £250 Framed
Rip Sold