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Polo Paintings

Having spent a great deal of my life on the side of a polo ground and playing i have a deep love of the sport. It is nothing short of an addiction and provides great inspiration for my paintings in terms of the energy, action and movement involved.

Gold Cup Original watercolour £350
Gold cup 2018. 2 Original watercolour £350 SOLD
Gold Cup 2018 A3 original watercolour £350 SOLD
Early Morning Sets Pen and ink, available, £350 mounted SOLD
Ride Off Pen and ink, 40cm x 28cm, £200 SOLD
Sets Pen and ink, mounted and wrapped £400 SOLD
Running down the ground Pen and Ink, A3 £200 Framed SOLD
Control Pen and Ink and Pastel, A3, £275 Framed
Gentle Exercise Pen and Ink and Pastel, A1 £600 Framed SOLD
Attack Pen and Ink and Pastel, A3, £275 Framed
Teamwork Pen and Ink and Pastel. A1, £425 Framed
Going Home Pen and Ink and Pastel, A3 £250 Framed