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Caroline Smail Art

Gloucestershire based artist Caroline Smail takes inspiration from her love of animals and country sports. Having grown up on the back of a horse with a dog by her side Caroline has an innate understanding of her subjects which gives her paintings their depth. Working predominantly in pen and ink and pastel Caroline utilizes a free and sketch like style that helps to capture the speed and energy of sports such as polo and the power and agility of the horses involved. The majority of Caroline's paintings are done on commission and her love of her subjects is clear in the unique ability she has to capture their character as well as a physical likeness. In addition, Caroline paints portraits of humans and will use pastels and oils where requested. 

A couple of years ago when trying to think of an original wedding present idea Caroline decided to paint the church where a friend was getting married and asked the guests to sign and write a message around the outside. Since then she has painted churches, houses and hotels for weddings anniversaries, christenings and invitations. They make a  fantastic reminder of a special day and ensure anniversaries are never forgotten! The image can also be made into thank you cards.

All images can be used to create a range of items  including; greeting cards, rubber stamps for personalising stationary, material, mugs,tablemats and invitations.  

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